Welcome to the Meyerhoff Alumni Advisory Board (MAAB) Blog


We aim to strengthen the connection among Meyerhoff alumni everywhere, the Meyerhoff Program, and UMBC. One of the MAAB’s missions is to extend the Meyerhoff family atmosphere, which we experienced as UMBC students, to every alumnus, no matter where they are located.

No Meyerhoff alumni should ever feel alone or isolated in their academic, career, or personal lives. This blog provides us a way to virtually fulfill that mission.

We will provide interesting information about alumni, including their academic and career accomplishments, and for alumni, including advice, lesson learned, and words of wisdom. Through this blog, we will also submit updates on the Meyerhoff program and UMBC news.

We want this blog to supplement the other social media sites related to Meyerhoff Program and Alumni.

Therefore, we will provide links to those other sites. This blog is about and for you, the Meyerhoff alumni. We will provide a link on this blog for you to submit news, achievements, and interesting stories to our Communications committee.

We want and need you to help us, the MAAB, fulfill our mission.



MAAB President

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