Fight the urge to be average


“Often times, extreme problems require extreme solutions. It is apparent that average thoughts, average intelligence, average language, and average action and leadership is not going to be enough to move our society forward. And thus, I implore all parents and all educators to take up my banner and my battle cry and commit to teaching all of our students how to FIGHT ( the urge to be average)!

If ever there was a time to teach our youth to be brave and daring, it is now. We do not want them to be brave for any grand cause, necessarily. Definitely, not for recognition, fame, nor praise. We want them to seek these things because it is something that tugs at their heart, something that is their aspiration, something that is their dream.

Society demands of our youth the courage, the dignity, and the integrity to generate behavior and leadership beyond what sight reveals and what sound announces. We need you to go beyond the obvious, beyond what is easy, strategic, and/or popular. We need you to be brave and believe in the impossible, pay no attention to what others call reasonable and safe – inside and outside the classroom. Students, If you are to deliver on your promise and your destiny, we need you to embark on noble tasks (no matter how small) that will inspire, motivate, and bring others to your cause.

The demands of this age and the expectations for this generation are extraordinary: to meet them, extraordinary young men and women are required. There are no promises of success – there is simply your humanity, your leadership, your commitment to the greater good – and the premise and obligation that says “of those to whom much is given, much is required.

Hold Fast to Dreams”


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